Broadmore Capital Group Inc offers premier equipment leasing and financing services, helps businesses free up cash, grow quicker, add and update equipment on continuous basis.

Lease Financing

Servicing the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) market, we understand your needs and the challenge of getting the financing done right the first time.

Why a Lease? The benefits of leasing are far superior to taking a loan, or buying the equipment outright.

Working Capital Loans

Based on your good credit, and the most recent three months Business Bank Statements, you will have the funds ready to purchase, cover payroll or whatever you deem necessary for your business.

Accounts Receivables Financing

Just completed a project or fulfilled a contract for your client. Need to wait 30, 60 or even 120 Days for your payment, then Accounts Receivable Financing will fit the bill. No need to wait, we can arrange to have your funds within you Business Bank account within 24 hours.



Broadmore Capital Group Inc is a Canadian equipment finance and leasing company, dedicated to work with small and mid size Canadian businesses. At Broadmore Capital we make it simple to finance any equipment you need to operate and grow your business. We work with you in order to customize financing and fit it to your particular business situation so your business can be profitable and successful.